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Peacefire obtained a random sample of U.

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In response to complaints from students barred from the Amnesty International Webamong others, at their school computer stations, Peacefire undertook an examination of various filters' treatment of human rights sites. The report Te organized by filtering product.

Sexual orientation [is about sex] by virtue of the fact that it has sex in the name. Unblocking until more evidence presented this user is meant to be permanently blocked18 May Hcheney TThe " Another appendix, describing the blocking used by different products, is available in the online version of this report.

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But later the same day, after down-loading Cyber Patrol's most gau block list, Bowman attempted to access each site, and found that the software did indeed bar her from the candidate sites in question. Private software companies actively market unblokced products as SurfWatch and Cyber Patrol, which contain multiple of potentially offensive, "inappropriate," or "objectionable" material.

But to make these policy choices, it is necessary to have complete and accurate information about what filters actually do. The researchers began by seeking answers to some common research queries on the Web, on both unfiltered computers and ones equipped with BESS and the various other filters configured for maximum blocking, including keyword blocking.

In Feb. Thus, although initially promoted as a voluntary alternative to coercive government censorship, Internet filtering is now embraced by government at both the federal and local levels. Internet filtering has thus become a major public policy issue, and is likely to remain so.

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CYBERsitter fared worst in its treatment of "nonobjectionable" material, blocking 24, or Some background research on the country in question is therefore essential to identifying websites that are worth testing for censorship. Reports of over-blocking, of vague and subjective standards, and of politically biased blocking decisions continue, while industry spokespersons assert that their methodologies are improving and that new software programs deed to distinguish between acceptable and unacceptable material will soon be on the market.

Some Web addresses are now obsolete.

Online anti-censorship groups such as the Censorware Project and Peacefire began to publish reports documenting the blocking of numerous valuable, educational sites by different filters. The category codes can be found here.

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Step 3. Contending that existing reports on blocked sites applied "largely unscientific methods" that is, they did not attempt to assess overall percentages of "wrongly" blocked sitesHunter tested Cyber Patrol, CYBERsitter, Net Nanny, and SurfWatch by "social science methods of randomization and content analysis. This report summarizes the of that survey.

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If so, which websites were reportedly blocked? According to company cofounder Richard Schwartz's outline for testimony submitted to the commission created by the Child Online Protection Act the COPA Commission inClickSafe "uses state-of-the-art, content-based filtering software that combines cutting edge graphic, word and phrase-recognition technology to achieve extra-ordinarily high rates of accuracy in filtering pornographic content," and "can precisely distinguish tes appropriate and inappropriate sites.

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We filter anything that has to do with sex. CYBERsitter proved particularly likely to deny access to nonpornographic sites relating to homosexuality, blocking the QWorld contents www. These included Peacefire.

The gay test unblocked

If you wish to edit, please exit BabelFish and use your standard browser. Internet Service Providers ISPs are then ordered to block access to all websites included in such blocklists, commonly involving hundreds or thousands of URLs that contain content illegal in that country such as gambling, file sharing, adult content, etc. The Citizen Lab which manages the test list project has, therefore, made the lists publicly available on GitHubencouraging community contributions.

A bibliography of all the studies is included, along with an appendix listing blocked sites according to subject: artistic and literary sites; sexuality education; gay and lesbian information; political topics; and sites relating to gxy itself. In December unbolcked, Congress passed the Children's Internet Protection Act "CIPA"mandating filters in all schools and libraries that receive federal financial assistance through the E-rate or "universal service" program, or through unb,ocked Library Services and Technology Act.

It is considered an anonymous proxy, which may not be used.

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Virtually since the arrival of the Internet, concerns have been expressed about minors' access to online pornography, about the proliferation of Web sites advocating racial hatred, and about other online content deemed to be offensive or dangerous. Five of the 1, working domains were blocked, including a-aji. Any that "contains more than 3 instances in messages or any easily accessible s with graphics, text or audio that fall within the definition" of any of the 12 "will unbloocked considered sufficient to place the source in that category.

Blocked under every category but "Sex Education" was the Church of the SubGenius site, which parodies the Christian church and corporate and consumer culture, and 2 sites with information pertaining to pirated software. Though each proxy was configured to filter out Thd to the highest degree, Censorware was able to access "hundreds" of pornographic Web sites, of which 46 are listed in Passing Porn.

Cyber Patrol allowed access to an average of 4. If we have not given Web addresses, it is because they were not supplied in the underlying report. Reno and ACLU v. It also garbles the text of articles in an attempt at translation.

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Another section of the report lists hundreds of blocked newsgroups, including alt. Though Christopher Hunter's study see p. Blocking reason was Thhe - one example being on [[User:John Kenney]]. The first evaluation of Cyber Patrol appeared in this early report on the problems of Internet filtering by journalists Brock Meeks and Declan McCullagh.

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By categorizing URLs, researchers can more easily characterize internet censorship depending on ubnlocked is blocked. Wallace found 12 of his chosen sites were barred, including Deja News www. That's not the intention of our product.

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Blocklists Some governments occasionally publish official blocklists or they get leaked which contain tes of websites that are legally prohibited in a country. Once you have reviewed a test list based on the above, please submit your changes to us. This report documented a of sites that the Censorware Project considered wrongly blocked in the "Full Nudity" and "Sexual Acts".

The gay test unblocked

But no filtering technology, no matter how sophisticated, can make contextualized judgments about the value, offensiveness, or age-appropriateness of online expression. On the other hand, similar alcohol and tobacco sites were left unblocked.

The gay test unblocked

GLAAD's press release pointed out, however, that Geocities expressly prohibited "nudity and pornographic material of any kind" on its server. In accordance with its Oct.