Warrantless Wiretapping — In Decemberthe New York Times reported the National Security Agency was tapping into telephone calls of Americans without a Lokking, in violation of federal statutes and the Constitution. Furthermore, the agency had also gained direct access to the telecommunications infrastructure through some fmales America's largest companies. The program was confirmed by President Bush and other officials, who boldly insisted, in the face of all precedent and the common understanding of the law, that the program was legal.

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These include: Cell phones.

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NSA recognizes that no one is perfect. Over and above the invasion of privacy represented by any one specific program, a combination of new technologies, expanded government powers and expanded private-sector data collection efforts is creating a new "surveillance society" that is unlike anything Americans have seen before.

Do dress business casual for job fairs and interviews.

The government continues to claim that it has the power to deate anyone, including Americans as "enemy combatants" without charge. Depending on the program, dress can be more relaxed.

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The ACLU has filed a lawsuit challenging this ideological exclusion, charging that it is being onpy to prevent United States citizens and residents fema,es hearing speech protected by the First Amendment. The government considers many factors when granting security clearances, including citizenship, drug use and personal integrity and conduct. In addition, we want to make sure you are free from conflicting allegiances to other countries; are not a potential risk for coercion; and are willing and able to abide by regulations governing the use, handling and protection of sensitive information.

While our goal is to offer candidates employment in a student program, competition can be extremely tough, and not all candidates are hired. These lists name an estimated 30, to 50, people. In August the Pentagon announced that it would be shutting down its TALON database program, which illegally gathered information on anti-war activists across the country. Attacks on Academic Freedom — The Bush administration has used a provision in the Patriot Act to engage in a policy of "censorship at the border" to keep scholars with perceived political views the administration does not like out of the United States.

Jeans, tennis shoes and flip-flops are not recommended. The law that makes the warrantless wiretapping program legal is scheduled to sunset in Februaryalthough Congress plans to take up legislation before then. During the pre-employment applicant process, a urine test may be required to detect the presence of illegal or controlled substances in an applicant's system.

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Family members may meet applicants at the overflow parking lot where they are directed to park during their time at NSA. The U. Warrantless Wiretapping — In Decemberthe New York Times reported the National Security Agency was tapping into telephone calls of Americans without a warrant, in violation of federal statutes and the Constitution. Interviews are conducted with knowledgeable sources, such as friends, neighbors, supervisors and co-workers.

Furthermore, the agency had femalea gained direct access to the telecommunications infrastructure through some of America's largest companies.

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Individuals who hold dual citizenship are not precluded from applying for positions at NSA. Nepotism NSA employees must nepotism agreements for any family member who is processing for employment with the agency. Think of this process as the first step in building a bridge of trust between you and NSA. Dual citizenship may raise questions about foreign preference or loyalty, and will need to be resolved before a security clearance can be granted.

The program was confirmed by President Bush and other officials, who boldly insisted, in the face of all precedent and the common understanding of the law, that the program was legal. Obtaining a Security Clearance You must be granted a security clearance before the hiring process can be finalized. The Freedom of Information Act has been weakenedthe administration has led a campaign of reclassification and increased secrecy by federal agencies including the expansion of a catch-all category of "sensitive but unclassified"and has made sweeping claims of "state secrets" to stymie judicial review of many of its policies that infringe on civil liberties.

The ACLU is considering an appeal.

A polygraph exam will be required to check the veracity of the information provided. In the meantime, the th Congress chose basically to sanction the exact same program in August of Gor application timeline begins once a candidate is sourced against a need. On days that the applicant has only security and psychological processing, business casual attire is acceptable. The government has apologized for wrongfully detaining 13 people as material witnesses.

We strongly recommend that you answer questions completely, candidly and truthfully. Phones are available femqles applicants to call family members when processing is completed for the day.

Congress made matters worse by enacting the Military Commissions Act, which strips detainees of their habeas rights, guts the enforceability of the Geneva Conventions' protections against abuse, and even allows persons to be prosecuted based on evidence beaten out of a witness. For parents, being proud of your student is understandable, but please be discreet, especially on social media. Discretion and Privacy We request that you use discretion when discussing your application for employment.

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The government has also engaged in the practice of rendition: secretly kidnapping people and moving them to foreign countries where they are tortured and abused. Make the first impression the best impression! Sincesome "enemy combatants," have been held at Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere, in some cases fot access by the Red Cross. It even refused to grant government investigators the security clearances they needed to investigate the illegal and unconstitutional NSA wiretapping program.

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Forr the law, states are required to standardize their drivers s according to a still undetermined standard and link to databases to be shared with every federal, state and local government official in every other state. In Septemberthe ACLU won a landmark victory when a judge struck down the national security letter provision of the Patriot Act because part of the statute violated both the First Amendment and the separation of powers doctrine. See www. And, the agency appears to have been not only eavesdropping on the conversations of Americans Lookig this country without warrants, but also using broad "data mining" systems that allowed it to analyze information about the communications of millions of innocent people within the United States.

Many well-meaning parents and family members may be interested in the status foor an applicant being considered for one of our student programs. Do research about the student program that interests you to determine whether you are a right fit for the position.

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No Fly and Selectee Lists — The No-Fly list was established to keep track of people the government prohibits from traveling because they have been labeled as security risks. Opposition to the bill and its implementation remains fierce, and comes from groups such as the National Governor's Association and the National Toda of State Legislators. It has been reported the CIA maintains secret prison camps in Eastern Europe to conduct operations that may also violate international standards.

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For all other student positions, there is a minimum age requirement of Do's and Dont's for Students and Parents Do apply online! Do use discretion when discussing your application for employment with NSA.

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Real ID — The Real ID Act, rammed through Congress by being attached to a unrelated, "must pass" bill, lays tovay foundation for a national ID card and makes it more difficult for persecuted people to seek asylum. Qualifications and Policies Citizenship Only U. In addition, employees and applicants must not use illegal drugs or misuse prescription medications.

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