Comments Viagra may be a miracle drug for those with impotence, but as a party drug to enhance sex, it can be a killer.

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In a letter responding, Home Office Minister Karen Bradley said: "Having given due consideration, the popprrs agrees with your advice and interpretation of the definition.

Last month, three gay men died in Southern California after using Viagra, poppers and crystal methamphetamine, health officials there reported. Last week, the advisory council said its "consensus view is that a psychoactive substance has a direct action on the brain and that substances having peripheral effects, such as Gujs caused by alkyl nitrites, do not directly stimulate or depress the central nervous system".

There were 11 deaths in England and Wales between and where the poppres certificate only mentioned an alkyl nitrate, according to the Advisory Council for the Misuse of Drugs. The panelists said there was already Gugs thriving black market for the drug in the gay community where users think it can improve sexual performance.

Forstein said poppers - amyl nitrite, a prescription drug, and its illegal cousin, butyl nitrite - heighten sensation by dilating blood vessels.

Almost as soon as the prescription potency drug came on the market in March, some men with no history of "erectile dysfunction" have sought to use Viagra as a performance enhancer. But experts have already seen lethal interactions.

Sellers will face up to seven years in prison. Combining that drug with Viagra, which also dilates blood vessels, can result in a deadly drop in Guhs pressure.

Poppers are chemicals such as butyl nitrite, isopropyl nitrite, isobutyl nitrite and amyl nitrite, which dilate the blood vessels This action allows more blood to the heart and creates a "head rush" sensation Originally an angina treatment, they got their name from a glass vial that was "popped" under the nose. The medicine, when combined with inhaled stimulants known as "poppers," long a fixture on the gay party scene, can be particularly deadly, a panel of gay health experts told a gathering of more than men in the Castro Tuesday night.

Comments Viagra may be a miracle drug for those with impotence, but as a party drug to enhance sex, it can be a killer. More recently, Pfizer issued a warning advising that combining Viagra with inhaled recreational nitrites would produce the same effect.

Forstein warned that many side effects of the drug were still being studied, including its possible interactions with anti-AIDS drugs such as protease inhibitors. Most Popular.

Popper-using MP Crispin Blunt led a Commons attempt in January to exempt poppers from what he said would be a "fantastically stupid" ban. Pfizer Inc.

What are poppers? He said studies were also being done on its possible interaction with antidepressants.

Popular with gay men, "poppers" is the name given to liquid chemicals called alkyl nitrates, which are sniffed.