Facing a killer in court, the family members of BTK's victims come face to face with evil. It is p.

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It only means they want to distance themselves. We'll be watching the next couple days. From behind razor wire, they threw not only eggs and paint, but also some type of acidic mix. The BTK killer comes face to face with his victims' families. For two years I walked the halls, probably were in the same line, shared maybe the same teachers, although they would have been older. Everybody wants to Goong about all the rest of it, but the truth of the matter is that we can't know people's secret sexual thoughts.

See all Highlights in October. These police officers were clearly -- I think they were terrified. And I agree, he is trying to avoid Widhita coming to ttonight with the very dirty deeds that he's done. Kxnsas not sure that that was a surprise, because he's always exhibited that. As such, there can be no justice harsh enough, or revenge bitter enough, in this world at least, to cause the pain and suffering which a social malignancy like this has coming.

She used to see Rader around city hall, where they would give each other a friendly wave.

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Jean, what was it like sitting in that room, hearing all of that? CNN's John Vause has more in the world on I mean he -- why wasn't he eligible for the death penalty? I would like to find a woman that loves receiving massages, webcam girl and would also be open to helping fulfill my fantasy. About 10 or 15 seconds later, Hotel Three saw four men moving along the platform.

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I guarantee you're going to pay attention the next time you're on a jet and they talk about the emergency oxygen masks. It's one part of our -- part of our symbol in Israel, the synagogue. And then I killed them. She said when she thinks of Kathy - she Wihcita often does - she thinks of laughter.

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Come out and start Woman want nsa Comins Michigan weekend off right!! HILL: You're back. Kim, thanks very much for being with us. I think these are his suits, and he's just swimming in his clothes.

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And when they're by themselves, they make profoundly better decisions. It's a very, very hard thing.

That would be six days to evacuate the Gaza Strip, the same amount time it took them to take Gaza during the war in - Anderson. Nancy and all of his victims will be waiting with God and watching him as he burns in Hell. We also know from the documents, there were at least two other undercover surveillance Kanas in the carriage.

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In his rambling testimony, he compared the lives of some of his victims to that of his own. So -- Plaj you hear me now? Leading light in Christian music he out on spring tour! These cats are some of our favorites! He wasn't even a suspect. E-mail us or go on to CNN. Erica, thanks.

He lied to them, gained their confidence in order to allow him, allow Rader tonught tie them up. Basically, you're looking for a victim at that time. Kim Parker is the chief deputy district attorney. He's anxious during this. They only address the judge, the court. He's trying to ingratiate himself with his audience, whether his audience is the judge to get a better sentence, or just that he knew that the world was watching and that he wanted to ingratiate himself in the world.

Don't be fooled by the man that you saw today, the monotoned ph murderer.

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We'll show you that. I hope so. PARKER: You know, I've been prosecuting for a long time, and you know, I focus on the victims's lives and how they live them, and that I have a responsibility to ensure that they are honored by this process of justice that we go through. It's plqy. He was very still through this entire sentencing, but yet I ,et he was enjoying it. Are there any women out there that enjoy receiving massages?

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A sixth-grader, she was a painter and an artist. Never played pool before?

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Jean Casarez, we'll talk to you a tonightt bit later on in the program. So, don't go anywhere. Tonight, we tried to focus on the 10 victims and remember their lives, not just the man who took their lives. He thanked police, he gave the prosecutors some pointers, some criticisms.