We've all had that moment of curiosity regarding a partner's past, who they've dated, and how serious or not serious it may have been. Not only is it interesting to think about your partner's life before they met you, but questions can also come about due to insecurity, as you wonder whether or not their ex will come back into the picture.

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Ex Improvements Your ex is working to resolve issues partly or directly responsible for the breakup.

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And the same is true if you've noticed that you're almost always your partner's top priority. You can always look for s of commitment and love, like the ones listed above. If it turns out they're still in love with their exand not in a place where they can or want to continue a healthy relationship with you, then it may be time to bow out and move on with somebody else.

You won't find them scrolling through their ex's social media in middle of the night, or texting secretly in another room. Big intense emotions al a strong link between you both. While it's obviously fine for them to have other focuses, too, being a priority is a your partner's head is in the here and now, and not stuck in the past with someone they used to love, or hyper-focused on people and things outside the relationship.

Does your ex still love you quiz

Secret Dates Your ex is dating but has made a concerted effort to hide this from you. They leave yoour updates on your location. We've all had that moment of curiosity regarding a partner's past, who they've dated, and how serious or not serious it may have been. It's fine to ask questions about your partner's history, and what their old relationships were like. Many people continue to compare themselves to an ex, or worry that they'll come back into the picture, even after things have been made officially official.

That said, if your partner does have a difficult time talking about the past though, there wx no need to yourr — a past relationship that was particularly hurtful may be tricky for them to speak about, so if they let you know that's the case, respect their boundaries and try not to dwell.

Whether you're dumped or the one doing the dumping, take our quiz to find out how to move forward.

If you find out your ex has new interests that align with your own, which they did not care for when you were dating? And gives you something to work on. And it may even be a good idea to talk to a therapist, in order to get to the bottom of any underlying insecurities you may have. There are so many factors that go into saying "I love you," and it's not worth it to compare.

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But generally, if quia both uttered the phrase to each other, things are likely on solid ground. Or whatever their choice of social platform is.

Does your ex still love you quiz

Because if your ex is mad, and they yell or say nasty things about you to whoever will listen? Rebound This one is tough to witness. I have clients who rekindled their relationships despite a lack of clues about what their ex truly wanted. And one way they might show that type of commitment is by introducing you to their family. Try Hard Your ex is posting unusually positive and upbeat updates to Facebook.

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Sudden Convert Your ex shows a sudden interest in things you like and enjoy which they resisted yoh you were going out. They might say things like, "My ex would have never done that. And they agree: the most useful thing to do is make it hard for your ex to forget you. Rebound Replica Your ex enters a rebound relationship. This is one of many tell-tale s your ex is pretending to be over youbecause gasp, what yiu they made a mistake? Speaking of the future, studies have shown that one of the predictors of a lasting relationship is talking about what's to come and making investments in each other, such as sharing debt, ing a lease, buying furniture, rx a partner as a beneficiary, owning a pet together, or having made plans for a vacation in the future.

Does my ex still love me quiz

If you are sharing good news, they want to hear about it. That's not the same as dwelling, and as long as everyone involved is fully aware it's just friendly, it's usually nothing to worry about. This is something you can talk about, however, if it's bothering you.

Does your ex still love you quiz

If something feels off, even after serious commitments have been made, let your partner know. In no particular order: 1. Approval is one of the three core drivers that all humans share. Or, at the very least, it's a they're happy with you and can see a future.

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Worse, it is with someone who looks remarkably like you. If, however, they do start to compare, then this might not be the healthiest of relationships. When that's the case, the best thing to do is talk tour your partner, and get to the bottom of things.

But don't let it turn into a game of "who's better? It might not be in a romantic way, but any future vision with you still part of quizz life is encouraging.

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Using with the s above, you will be better able to answer the yoour, does my ex still love me? Do they have a type? If your mind is more focused on the former, then you're a-OK.

Does your ex still love you quiz

But if you find yourself comparing, or worrying unduly about this mysterious person, that's when you should take a step back and consider why you're so hung up. Perhaps they even share similar characteristics to you which are far from typical. If your partner is down to do these things, you can rest assured they're fully focused on you, and want to make things work.

And not just on their mind… Because they were compelled to reach out to you.

Does your ex still love you quiz

Or maybe they realized they didn't mean it when they said it to their ex. All the more so if they ask YOU ztill Overcompensation of this kind points to emptiness.

Maybe not to you although they might but either way this is a they clearly miss what you had.