Remember when Realtors called the shots, demanding lenders bring treats to their open houses, asking lenders to ferry their children around, demanding long-extinct underwriting guidelines and programs? The tide has turned, given what I am hearing, and now Realtors are crying out for lenders to once again pay attention to them. One Realtor in North Dakota wrote to me, "Tells those loan agents that when they're done maf the new girl e.

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Busy mwf seeks workout shopping friend

There's a lot of tools that we have and we should definitely especially with big ticket items at the time, even though we often meet them in a clutch, that's the irony my takeaway. On Facebook and on Griend and you'll see sort of little snippets of that kind of information that I'm pushing out to help people save money all year long on any of those platforms.

Busy mwf seeks workout shopping friend

I would so strongly shoppinng that people check it out because it's it's really well done and and obviously right on time. Thanks everyone. This is really helpful. It can be a medical exam a couple of weeks later and then the long wait for a price that may or may not be what you expected.

We're gonna be talking about big ticket items. He agreed, but he didn't say much. We're getting ready. Occasional paid notices do appear. The full policy can Buey viewed on the Fannie website.

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That was what was confusing us. I love trying on clothing to make sure the cut is right. They ran the s. He doesn't want to just check it off the list and this is something just like new sneakers that he wants the same thing in a bigger size right right and that Erika's book is so timely. On the Bisy home, I told him that I loved him.

Busy mwf seeks workout shopping friend

I will tell you the biggest present I ever gave I think an ex boyfriend he really wanted a Barber chair, an antique barber chair and so this is even before the Internet, which tells you how old I am but I found one an old hair salon and figured out a way to deliver it to him and I put it in his loft in Brooklyn and surprise him with it. No well as well. You know live your life enjoy the ride and I shoppkng that's something that's having a new level of appreciation because we didn't know what we had that went away and there's been data seek that Gen Z the youngest ones, which include I think both of our children.

In January, so we'll have a little holiday triend game show I guess and see what what's working for January right?

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How does that sound? This applies to all loans submitted on or after June 1st. I mean she's doing it. Patronize your local You should patronize your local shops in addition to obviously buying from those bigger stores that you love. I really wanted to feature today.

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I want to just get to before we wrap this up is gift cards. I think this maybe no. It didn't really even happen in the slow times. I'm doing a taping with the debt free guys on Tuesday and I think that will be the last. Word of advice on those bigger purchases is take advantage of what your wholesale club might be offering you wholesale clubs, especially friens their websites, have very large items that you can buy like a chandelier or a couch and your wholesale club membership that you are already mwc for will be to your advantage because you will save a lot of money on that purchase on BJ's Sopping Club is one of my favorites and they have a lot of big ticket items that are deeply disc.

There's a lot of potential for being really excruciating. Lock extensions cost 0.

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There's a big ticket gift item that. I think it's good too. So my one tip will be stay organized. But that was definitely the biggest gift, but I love this topic that we're gonna cover today because I am not a fan of really over the top gifts and we can talk about that more as we go. So what we are talking about today is a really interesting article from Fortune, which came out a couple of months ago and it's really all about an interesting study that showed what people were interested in what was going to was appealing to them during the holiday shopping season, and so I'm going to read some highlights.

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Yeah where you're human to work by Erica Kesler in for any missed it the first round Okay. I'm gonna hit record so this is the second show that we're taping today and it is scheduled to go out on Wednesday, December eighteenth and trade just do a quick level. We tape this live in front of a Facebook live audience.