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Check out the British Big Cat Societies website at www.

Having discussed what we saw we have all come to the conclusion that because of the shape and movement the creature could not have been anything but a large cat, comparable dicl size to a large greyhound, although stockier, and moving in a catlike manner. I was lucky enough to see a Wild Cat in Scotland some years ago.

Now most tales can be taken with a pinch of salt, but I've known this man for many years and he is as honest as your own granny. Some are so close and from such reliable witnesses, such as zoo keepers and big cat trackers, that we sometimes even get the sex as well as the breed of cat recorded.

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She said she heard her ducks and chickens making a lot of noise, so she went out have a look and she just froze at the door and could not move, she said there was a big cat trying to get the birds, after it went she told her brother but he did not believe her until a few weeks later he saw it in the woods and at night time he heard it scream. What with so many gyu who's to doubt them.

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While walking around the Grounds I saw a large Black Cat. I saw what did have the appearance to be Baldocl bigger then average cat like animal, as it loped across the road just beyond the Gibbet Nook service station. It was bigger than any cat I have ever seen and unnerved me. Only one customer at a time in each toilet facility.

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So heres hoping someone can put me out me misery soon and proves it does exist! Ive heard and seen melinistic deficiant species, however pure white is a new one on me. Could this be the same cat?

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On speaking to several people about it, I have Balodck learned there have been dismembered frogs found on the west commen down long leys road and sightings in this area. There's little doubt now that big cats are in the UK. I wonder??? We have enough problems with the mystery black cats that do not fit. Customers must adhere to social distancing regulations in the pub.


We asked her what was out there, at first she was reluctant to tell us. Customers must follow the one way system in the pub. Gary Anderson No dicm to prove contact, but while surveying farmland in the Wispington area this Summer gyu set of pugmarks 4" wide were found at the roide between Waddingworth and Wispington near a large wooded area. The society was established to identify and protect big cats roaming the British countryside.

This is what surprised me as I've never seen a domestic cat that big! We watched it for about 5 minutes and turned our backs for under a minute and it had gone. It was still there but walking off into the woods.

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There are at least 8 big cats in our Bakdock alone and i dont think Lincs is any different to the other counties that have at least a couple of each breed. I foe since heard of other sightings usually described as black cats, however one report does stay in mind of a "white cat", sighted a few years ago out at Saxilby. Unfortunatly pub talk was as far as this went and was never reported to any one. I thought these sightings were fictitious until now.

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We were arranging a sleep over at her house with some other mates and a few of us considered sleeping in the tents when we said that she froze up and started to go on about that it is to dangerous and we dont know what is out there. The village we passed was Heck somthing i have tried to find out exactly were we were but have not yet established it yet. Richard Elwell I have just been running through Willingham Woods, and went off on one of the side trails rarely used by the publicWhen i came upon a large black cat at the end of the trail.

Paul Melchers I turned left off Whisby road late one evening, driving on the relief road toward the new junction at South Hykeham. David Me and two of my mates saw a large black creature moving across the railway lines.

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It should be huy little surprise that there may be large cats roaming the countryside. Could these be the same ones that are sighted in the china clay pits in Cornwall?

The size and markings of the animal were incredible. She believes it was a panther.

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Barry At around pm i was driving to pick my children up from school when all of a sudden i saw an animal which was far too big to be a cat but looked nothing like a dog. I am not a sensationalist or prone to flights of fancy and have tried to reason with myself, but i know what I saw. Also I recall a radio lincolnshire fkr sighting a black cat on his way to work one morning near Sturton by Stow.

I work at St Georges Hospital and the sighting was actually in the hospital grounds near the old day centre, just before Carholme Court.

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I will never foget what I saw! Looking across the road to the far end of the adjacent field was a large Black cat. Date of sighting 20th November.