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August 17, 2017


Resolve any situation with Harmony and Success
Chapter 6

The Birthday Cake!

Relationship Makers is probably the hardest concept anybody can talk about. What is a relationship and how does it go from a simple shake of hands to a real relationship that you can depend on each other and grow together.

There is a simple method that includes “Give more than you receive!”

So, you went through the Networking and now you are at the start of a possible relationship. Simple you know the person, and you can get on the phone and call the person at any time and use his or her first name. Now you know that person maybe is a little shy or a little awkward in relating to others but it is very knowledgeable and he can become your great friend or your great client.

I will tell you a quick story, many years ago I wanted to do business with this very large company that had a great name and I wanted to do business with them badly, may salespeople asked me day and night for us to carry their products. I was introduced by a mutual acquaintance to one of the managers as my contact had worked with them overseas and they knew each other quite well.

I was introduced and it was ok, but didn’t translate to business and I was tired of waiting for the opportunity to flourish. One day I went to see the person I had been introduced to and by accident I talked to the owner’s son, which I had only seen from far away previously. We talked, he was very shy but with me he was talking and talking, we didn’t speak about doing business, but we found out we both spoke French, he had taken a master degree in French and for years he could not find anybody that spoke it, we connected.

A few weeks later, I called him and I was talking with him in French, and I told him he should go to Paris with his wife for his birthday, he was laughing saying that it might be a clever idea, I asked him when his birthday was. He told me it was like 3 weeks away, so he could not go to Paris but I smiled and told him I would have a birthday cake delivered to his office. He laughed again as he thought I was joking and we said good bye.

Well 3 weeks later I had the biggest cake I could get made, which was a full sheet cake with beautiful colors, Happy Birthday wishes and lots of candles and I got a special delivery car to deliver it 2 hours away to his office.
I called the receptionist and told her that I was having something delivered to him in a couple of hours, to please let him know immediately once my delivery person would get to their floor. She did and guess his surprise, a huge Birthday cake as he could not fly to Paris.

He called me immediately and we laughed a lot together on the phone. Since that day I was his best associate and we did lots of profitable business for many years to come. My sales people could not believe the turnaround as they thought I was completely crazy with the birthday cake delivery.

A relationship if it is in business or personal is all about feelings, sometimes for each other but most of it is about how that relationship makes you and your interest feel. If you make that business interest feel good about themselves, it can be a laugh, a hug, a shake of hands, a product, an information or a contact they really wanted, they will remember you, and that detail will bring you many benefits for many years to come.

Some salespeople sell by pressure, some sell by strength, or you can sell by relationship and that is the way you want to sell the first time to that client, as that client will be there for good and for bad, and will be a client for life. Go out of your own way to make a happy impression on the other person, if you really want that person to have a real relationship with you. That person will become your best associate for a long time.

(this column represents a collection of real life stories, some of the names might be changed for privacy issues)
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