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October 18, 2018

Strength Alive specializes in customized workouts, coaching, and planning for each individual’s needs.


Marty Farris, the Owner, Master Trainer, and Technician, founded Strength Alive in 2012. Hes has been an athlete for over 27 years, and a personal trainer in public and private gyms for over 10 years. 


With Marty’s vision and excellent hand picked trainers, the Strength Alive philosophy is able to go well beyond physical fitness. We are committed to helping people live their best lives. We honor each person as a whole- the athlete, the skater, the parent, the child, the executive, the student, the business owner, the artist- and their fitness journey.


Our goal is to keep you having fun doing what you love. Together, we can help you grow stronger and unleash the energy that is alive in you!


Contact us today for your two hour complimentary health analysis and mental/physical assessment.




10520 East Lakeridge Parkway, Ste E

Ashland, VA 23005


Marty Farris




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