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Selling to the Commonwealth Seminar – Moving your business forward

Entrepreneur Express Workshop
Helping to move your business forward
Calling All Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs
You are invited to attend this free Entrepreneur Express Workshop
Last year, the Commonwealth of Virginia spent more than $6 Billion on goods and services. Goods and services that you probably sell! For every $100 the Commonwealth spent on goods and services, $37, went to a certified small business. Are you getting your share??? This free workshop will provide you with key business tools you need to move your business forward.
Every business needs a business plan. Unfortunately, most don’t have one! This workshop will teach why you need a business plan and provide the tools you need to develop a plan that’s right for your business.
How you market your product or service is vital to growing your business. You may have the best product / service since sliced bread, but if you don’t market it properly, you won’t grow. This workshop will show you how to effectively and efficiently market your business to increase sales.
Knowledge about sources of capital is critical whether you need to access capital today, tomorrow, or never! This workshop will help you understand the capital resources available to your business at various stages of the business life cycle.
This combination of interactive discussions promises to provide key elements to help you grow your business.

Date: Wednesday, May 31, 2017
On the Agenda:
Developing The Business Plan That’s Right For Your Business
How To Effectively and Efficiently Market Your Business
Sources of Capital

Location: North Courthouse Library (plenty of free parking)
325 Courthouse Road
Chesterfield, VA 23236

10:30 am – 2:00 pm

To register:
No fee. Advance registration is required.

Go to
2. Scroll down to “Central – South”
3. Scroll to “May 31 Entrepreneur Express Workshop”; access the page and scroll down to RSVP to register

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