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The Science of Networking- Chapter Eight – Introduce Yourselves, talk with each other

May 17, 2017


You will say it is easy, after all you talk about the weather, about your family, about this and about that. Great, but does that type of talk make you unforgettable?

Well let’s look, we already know how and where to go to an event, now you are inside the event and I see a guy that seems interesting and I want to talk to, he is surrounded by several people but my attention is caught and I want to come close. Well then just walk to his circle, don’t be pushy, just calmly walk and present a great smile, wait until they stop talking and then introduce yourself and smile even more, most people will react to that and extend their hand or just smile back, then you can introduce yourself and the other person will do the same, you can talk about anything.

Sometimes I comment on a women’s lapel pin, scarf, shoes, or a men’s dress shirt color, tie, bow tie, hair, anything that brings a warm thought to their minds. From there I can ask who they are and usually they will ask me about my company as usually wear my name tag that is bright and visible.
In an event, I like to wear that, as it can start a conversation just by people seeing my name as it is written boldly and is easily visible, then of course with my accent people will ask me where I am from. That can start a whole conversation just by itself. Remember to organize the conversation because you want to connect eventually for business but the first minute image is just personal and eventually will for be for business.
A few months ago, I got to a very high level event a little early and as I came out of the elevator I saw the spacious room with only a couple people in there, on the right were just 3 or 4 people and right by the food table were two middle aged men that really seemed very different and were just standing there a little timid. Well that day I was confident the way I looked and I smiled at them, immediately they smiled back, and I said I was a little earlier but that I had heard downstairs that the Governor had arrived and he was in the parking garage and I was looking forward in meeting him.

They asked me where I was from and I told them my 30 second story, these two men were completely different as well. One of them is the director of a top museum and the other his CFO. We exchanged cards and I asked if I could call them, they said yes. I emailed them, they immediately answered back (remember that is very important to follow up, these two people are extremely busy but they took the time to answer back). I met with the director for over an hour and we are supposed to meet again for tea. Remember to create a positive image for yourself it is very important to follow through and communicate. The POWER OF NICE is much more important and will create a long-lasting impression on anybody’s mind.

I just volunteered and attended the Asian Chamber Procurement Fair and if you can attend any of their events, it will pay you 100 times over. That was the most powerful trade show and network event I have attended in a long time and I have done trade shows all over the USA. But I will tell you about a lady that I have met through Networking and that she amazes me. I met her a few months ago and she has followed Network Doctor constantly, she has attended all our events since we met and at our last one “Build Your Business” she had the opportunity to meet the CEO of the Asian Chamber, I told her I was volunteering for that event with 3 of our members, she immediately signed up.

She is about my age but she is so consistent and perseverant and she reinvents and adjusts herself constantly, she had an extremely successful event at the Asian Chamber, she probably met everybody as she was nonstop. When she left, she came and hugged me as she said due to me and all the events we bring to everybody’s attention she had the opportunity to meet so many possible clients. That warmed up my heart as well. I wish she becomes extremely successful she deserves all of it, as she Believes in Herself and mostly she believes in the Power of Others.
I want to give an assignment to everybody, try to go to a good event this week, and write down the best conversation you had at that event and write down the details of that event, bring it next week and lets focus in presentation and how we can develop that single contact to a possible business relationship.

The Network Doctor RVA 2017@all copyrights reserved

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