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July 6, 2017


Chapter 1

Hello there!
I have worked and talked with many young people lately and what I have sensed even with all the technology, education and exposure nowadays a great percentage of young people of all ages, most of them, are still missing a vital skill in their lives: The Art of Savoir Faire – How to handle any situation with Harmony and Success.

Well this is Chapter One of a long journey through Life and we hope we can make a positive impact by addressing Basic Life Skills first – A KEY TO YOUR HEART or POSITIVE AFFIRMATION AND ENCOURAGEMENT.

-Many years back my father took me to visit his friends husband and wife with a daughter a few years older than me, I was seven at the time, she was twelve. They owned a small bed and breakfast that included a small restaurant with a few tables and a casual bar where they served wine to their nightly guests. They were very well known in the small village they had lived all their lives and highly respected in their community, the family was very calm, very welcoming, and very warm. We stayed over and that particularly night had been a very busy one with many guests coming over for a special celebration- I don’t remember what it was particularly but maybe it was the wife’s birthday and they had served dinner and wine to all their guests celebrating the event.

Even being the first time my father had brought me there, I liked the family immediately, my father and the gentleman, his name was Marc, his wife was Jeanette and the little girl, Claude, loved to talk for hours about life, freedom, precious principles (TV was rare at the time, technology didn’t exist at popular levels) so people communicated with each other by meeting and talking about everything and anything.

So as that night had been so busy, and many glasses were placed at the bar waiting for washing. Everybody was busy, mostly talking and laughing together, trying to tidy the place up after such a great meal so I asked if I could help and wash some of the glasses (that trait stayed with me up to now, I don’t like to see anything dirty and I always try to help). Marc said absolutely to go ahead and I could start helping. I felt big and grown up as I washed the first glass- Success I did a good job, second glass the same, third glass, I must have lost my concentration for a second and all of the sudden the glass slipped my fingers and crashed on the floor.

I jumped, I didn’t believe that the glass slipped my hands, but there it was a million pieces on the floor, I lost my pride, I felt as a little lost puppy, I had failed Marc, I had broken one of his glasses, I was devastated and I had failed Marc’s trust in letting me take over such a fundamental job. I started crying and crying, well I was crying real tears about my failure and I felt I could not go on. Marc came with his gentle ways, I can remember him so well and he has been dead for at least 20 years now. Marc picked up a key that was by chance in top of the bar and he said the most sweet, simple, caring and philosophical words I had ever heard and will have hear “Little girl stop crying! Here take this key, keep it, it is the key to your heart! Every time you fail and your world is coming down on you, think about the Key to Your Heart, you have to look inside yourself to pick yourself up and keep going, as you learn every step of a job or a situation, you will find the way to do it better and better without too many broken glasses in the middle”

I took the key, held it to my heart and went back to wash the glasses, none of those broke again and that was my first lesson in perseverance and success. If Marc or my father had screamed at me, for the broken glass, I would have cried more and go to bed thinking of myself as a failure but at seven years old I completed the job and I learned never to quit no matter how many broken glasses. I had found the “Key to my Heart”

(this column represents a collection of real life stories, some of the names might be changed for privacy issues)

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