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Sandler Training

Sandler Training Patrick Carroll

Sandler Training Richmond – Focus Business Development, Inc.


Patrick has been involved with the Sandler Training since 2008. Before and during college he spent time in the Richmond business community on the front lines in various customer facing positions within the commercial landscaping, retail & entertainment industries. After receiving his degree in Rhetoric & Communication at the University of Richmond he began working with an award winning Sandler Training Center in an entry level capacity that has advanced into an integral part of the day to day marketing, selling & training activities within the business. Patrick possesses strong interests & skills in the elements of communication, rhetoric, & psychology relative to the human dynamics in business and selling scenarios. He is fascinated with sales & marketing alignment and how technology is transforming the business world and sales landscape. Patrick works with a wide range of clients in different industries from Finance and Insurance to Technology and Manufacturing, and is a firm believer that sales success all boils down to the right attitudes, the right behaviors & the right techniques no matter what you sell, or who you sell to.

Focus Business Development, Inc.

2819 N. Parham Road
Suite 160
Richmond, VA 23294
Phone: 804-217-9507
Fax: (804) 217-9534

Watch Partick Carrol (starts at 5:16 minutes) on this video titled “MLK Day with Groups in the Community” #BeTheChange

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