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November 29, 2018


‘Remember, Don’t Talk To Strangers’

For many of us, it was a golden rule of childhood.

Duck, dive and avoid strangers.

The golden rule followed us into adulthood, and now we sit silently on the train firmly fixed to our smartphones and tablets – avoiding slight eye contact or interaction with someone we don’t know.

Because, well — “stranger danger “… and maybe a little social anxiety.
Reports of social anxiety have increased by 40% in the US the last year alone,
if you’re experiencing this, you’re not alone.

We’re plagued with imposter syndrome, unsure of how to start a conversation or full of doubts that we may be “bothering someone.”

Yet, beyond your smart phone, awkward glance, and fear of the unknown – is a world of opportunity. Your next job, your next best friend, or even your potential partner.

Here are just 3 reasons why learning to talk to strangers and getting out of your comfort zone may prove to be life-changing, check them out —>

1. Improved Networks:

In today’s world, it’s still who you know, not what you know – the person sitting next to you on the plane could be your greatest asset, next relationship, or even a key component on making a transition in your career.

2. Become More Assertive & Fix Problems:

Added confidence could also make you more assertive. The more relaxed you feel talking and sharing with someone you don’t know – the easier it is to address problem situations. Instead of saying ‘Just leave it’ when a colleague wrongs you or restaurant overcharges you, you have the assertiveness to fix the problem.

3. Create Stronger Connections with People:

Talking to strangers allows you the opportunity to practice connecting with people on a personal level. Asking questions, listening and appreciating the time you have interacting with someone IRL (in real life).

In the world of social media – where we connect with more people but see them less – this is an important skill to hone, especially if you’re looking to stand out in the right ways and attract the girl or guy of your dreams and be ready for that promotion.

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