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reaplogoWhat is REAP?

The Richmond Entrepreneur’s Assistance Program (REAP) is a 501c3, non-profit organization whose mission is to provide comprehensive job training and meaningful employment for new and diverse entrepreneurs. Our primary focus is to meet the specific need for workforce development for individuals with disabilities.

Using a social enterprise model, we have applied an entrepreneurial approach to address the high unemployment rate for individuals with disabilities.

We help real people find real jobs and real hope through the following REAP-owned non-profit businesses:

• Heart to Heart Gift Baskets & Packaging – custom designed gift baskets and promotional gifts/packaging
• New 2 U Sports – new and gently used donated sports equipment
• Personal Chef Catering – a catering company that cares
• RVA Shops – online marketplace for local products and services

What’s unique about REAP’s job training?

• Comprehensive training with many transferable skills to equip our participants with the training and experience they need for employment with us or in the community, as they choose.
• Includes computer training; inventory management with scanning system, timekeeping, website storefront and cash register system. We are preparing individuals for more than entry level positions.
• REAP’s integrated computer software package also provides skills tracking and productivity metrics for each participant. This system will demonstrate each person’s accomplishments and provide an accurate report of their skills to a prospective employer.
• Working with schools and businesses, serving as a bridge to employment by customizing our training to better prepare our participants for employment with these and other companies.
• Our job training also teaches participants that every person has value and worth and when we work together everyone benefits.

Karen Hannon, Executive Director
Telephone: 804-874-4591

Caréy Cheeks, Executive Administrative Assistant
Telephone: 804-527-1037

Adrienne Tinsley, Director of Corporate & Community Relations
Telephone: 804-527-1037

Suzanne Ryder, Administrative Assistant
Telephone: 804-527-1037

Shirley Ryder, Heart to Heart Gift Baskets & Packaging Manager
Telephone: 804-527-1037

Suresh Caius, New 2U Sports & IT Support Developer
Telephone: 804-874-4591

Aaron Turner, Fresh Pick Manager
Telephone: 804-527-1037

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