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Networking for today’s age – the Network Soup is almost ready

May 10, 2017


These are the key ingredients for the great recipe of “NETWORKING”
What is the definition of Networking? Socialize for professional or personal gain. Getting together with new acquaintances to ultimately complete a transaction or solidify a relationship. Connect for developing relationships into solid transactions or solid relationships.
I still dress with the same kind of feeling, mostly dark colors but sometimes I will wear a bright scarf or a necklace or a bright cardigan, something that makes me feel confident and comfort to my anxiety. We all feel anxious when we interact with other people, sometimes when you eat lunch at one of these power events and once you finish you are wondering if you have something stuck in your teeth (usually I never eat salad in any of these events due to that reason). But I real need to feel confident from my head to my toes, so I try to look elegant, not overly bright and dressed to the occasion.
Your attitude is key in any of these events, you really need to go into a place, breathe deeply before going in, stand and walk straight with great posture. You will feel like you can tackle any issues (this also works when your boss asks you to come into his office to talk about your performance).
If you are in pain or sick for any reason, and you are not 100%, and you cannot act, then skip the event all together as you never want to give the feeling to the other attendees that you are a weak and fable individual that needs attention continuously.
But let’s be positive, walk with great confidence, put a smile in your face, be approachable. For us Latinos, this comes as our own nature, we smile, we laugh, we kiss and hug. Others will look at us and think we are a little crazy but it is ok, how many times would you like somebody to hug you in these events and make you feel like a million dollars. So, don’t be skimpy with your smiles and your hugs, those costs nothing and cover many miles in people’s heads.
If you feel you cannot do it, then invite somebody to go with you. But if you go alone, remember everybody feels as awkward and stupid as you are feeling and a smile will break walls. Remember your first date when probably were 15 years old and you made a drama out of everything, well when you go into your first network event, you probably feel like that. But remember after that you laughed about as there was no reason to worry about it?
Remember when you got your first rejection, when that special girl or boy said no when you told them about going someplace together? You felt lousy you got a little curved with so much weight in your shoulders, the same happens in business or a network event. Somebody doesn’t smile back at you, you feel rejected, you go to the next person the same happens, you get down and down again, soon you look like the Hunch Back of Notre Dame. Do you know that Lincoln tried 90 times to run for office and he finally got elected?
So, this is the same, no reason to worry, everybody is the same. Just think that you only need one person to make that event successful and maybe that one person will be the link for your business to become successful, so focus on one person you can meet and make a difference, that person will be your anchor for the event and from there you can meet others.

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