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Let’s Develop and Keep the Interest of your new Relationship!

August 10, 2017



As we all know a relationship only develops and grows when the interest is mutual, you might see a person 100 times, talk with them, and it only will go to a smile, how are you?, hello, goodbye and that is that. But now we are past networking, we are relationship makers!

Two little quick stories that happened to me this week and really told me to focus completely in relationship making as sometimes our networking will never go to that level. In everything there is a negative and positive perspective, so let’s go into the negative story first.

So this week I met a network contact again that I have seen and talked to many times in network events and she was talking with one of our members at Network Doctor, like always I said hello full of energy and she responded and tried to introduce me to my member, as that is her friend, I then told her also with a smile that I knew the person quite well, and he was our member and we were setting up a work session focused on that person on the next few weeks and she was invited for that event.

She responded quickly that actually with my accent she never understood what I talk about unless she looks straight at me, and that I always had to talk to her looking straight at her. My member got uncomfortable and got red, myself as I could not care less what the lady thinks about me, just with a smile moved to another person at the event and gave one of my hugs to my other contact. Moral of this specific situation, never let yourself get down when you are in front of people. People will always try to bring you down, will look you up and down, sometimes really try to upset you so you lose your magic but just always be positive, look and think about something that makes you happy and move along to a more positive situation.

Meanwhile on a very positive note, one of the best known and respected veterans in media in this community that I have met also in many events and tried to really establish a strong relationship with him since the beginning. We always meet and hug in all events as I thought him that I don’t shake hands but hug as that way we transmit energy to each other. He smiles all the time, but two days ago I was driving and this gentleman calls me and asks me to meet with him asap as he wanted to discuss with me a few different things, I told him I would see him in the morning at his office.

We spent 2 hours talking about life and he told me about a new business he started asking for my ideas in marketing that new service. I went back to my office and sent him several ideas that he liked very much, I always learn so much with him but he also learned about my own perspectives in business. A great relationship as every time we see each other and talk we are always more interested in discussing new ideas. Believe me this man doesn’t need my input, he has more experience in media delivery than 20 of us put together but obviously it gave me great pleasure to have him ask me for my humble concepts.

Remember it doesn’t matter how many people put you down, there will be a special person that will understand your voice and understand your ideas. Don’t let anybody put you aside because of your personal hindrances, like your accent, your skin color, the way you dress, the way you speak, your age, your financial situation, you have to be above all that, connect with the right person and get that special mutual interest or point of connection that will be the foundation for that special relationship that will bring you interesting opportunities. Don’t let anybody or anything ruin your relationship making because eventually you will find the right person to connect with, start a true relationship that will listen and bring you to the next level and eventually will bring you the success you need!

(this column represents a collection of real life stories, some of the names might be changed for privacy issues)
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