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The Key Ingredients for the Great Recipe of “NETWORKING”

March 27, 2017


Chapter ONE

These are the key ingredients for the great recipe of “NETWORKING”

1-BE CONFIDENT OF WHO YOU ARE!  DO NEVER BE INTIMATED OR SHOW EMBARRASSMENT.  After all everybody is a Human and we all have equal bodily functions.

2-BE YOUR TRUE AND POSITIVE SELF! (no negativity here, be happy that you are alive, the alternative is an unknown…….)

3-BE A SOURCE OF ENERGY!  (please have a good night’s sleep before you go networking, if you don’t sleep, please pretend, but under no circumstances go to an event and complain that you went drinking the previous night and you are not feeling like doing anything, that makes everybody run)

4-IMAGE IS THE FIRST IMPRESSION, CREATE YOUR OWN STYLE BUT ALWAYS DRESS APPROPRIETALY TO THE SITUATION, (do some research for what the event is about.  If you have an event at the Jefferson for Luncheon or an event at the Diamond, please dress accordingly to the situation, I don’t mean go spend hundreds of dollars on a new outfit at Nordstrom, I mean go to your closet and use your common sense or if you have to buy go to Marshalls)

5-YOUR EYES AND YOUR SMILE ARE YOUR BEST WEAPON.  WEAR A SMILE IN YOUR VOICE.  (Always greet people on the phone by smiling, that smile will be transmitted through the electronic systems)

6-FOCUS ON THE OTHER PERSON, ASK QUESTIONS AND LISTEN FIRST.  LEARN ABOUT THE OTHER PERSON  (when you meet somebody new, let the other talk first, once you hear their story, you can adapt your behavior accordingly to the person’s story, I am not saying to be fake, but for instance if the other person has some serious business or  personal problem, don’t blurt your problems trying to get more attention, just tell your story in plain terms, try to support the other person and the time will come when you can blurt all you need)

7-CONNECT OVER ONE SPECIAL POINT.  THINK HOW YOU CAN HELP FIRST  (sometimes it might be a detail on somebody’s face or a special point in somebody’s story)

8-FOLLOW THROUGH BY GIVING (give referrals, contacts, don’t worry that the person you talk to will steal your contact,  by forming more and more relationships, those relationships will come back to you 10 fold.

9-DEVELOP THE RELATIONSHIP. (invite the other person for coffee, or just a stroll in the park, you really don’t need to spend money to develop a relationship, just spend your time and the relationship will blossom)



What is the definition of Networking?    Socialize for professional or personal gain.   Getting together with new acquaintances to ultimately complete a transaction or solidify a relationship.  Connect for the purpose of developing relationships into solid transactions or solid relationships.

All the points referenced above are the key ingredients of a very successful Networking Star that eventually will translate into a successful job opportunity, closed transaction or personal growth.  Every week we will go ingredient by ingredient and analyze how we can improve the quality of each ingredient and grow our success rate with a complete understanding how to develop our Network Radius and Personal Success.

Let’s start by switching a little bit the order of things and our first focus will be on the invite of guest to a network group or social event.   I would say it is the same if you want to invite your brother or sister or a friend you have not seen for a long time to a diner at your favorite restaurant as you want to announce to them you got your dream job or you dream boyfriend.  How would you do that?  You would pick up the phone, and tell them with excitement  that you have some really good news and you want to have them come the following night to a great dinner at your favorite restaurant in town.  They sense you are really excited and you have some genuine fantastic news and of course they say yes even if they have to shuffle their schedule to accommodate you and they will show up as excited as you were on the phone call.

They will be positive through the night paying attention to all your words because they know you are excited, happy and genuine

This the same exact approach for your invitation to your guest,  You believe in what you do, you want to get together with your new contacts and you want for them to find out about a great referral group that really impacts your life all around.  So you pick your person, you call them up or even send an email and you invite them to the event, the meeting or just a one to one chat.  I really don’t like the word “biz chat”, it sounds too casual and not important enough. I think the invitation is much more important than a biz chat as that get together can be the start of a serious relationship.  You have a smile on your voice, or put a smile on your written words, be confident on your invitation.  This is about posture and confidence.  If you believe in what you do, you will project that confidence all over.   Do not make a decision about your guests.  You don’t know who will become the star in your network, everybody has the potential for it as most of the guests are new acquaintances to you.

Be positive, confident, energetic, breath deeply , pick up the phone and be your best.    Be assertive, be clear in your voice, your posture and in your words.  Do not spend a time of time in the invitation.  It should be short and direct to the point but put your heart in the invitation. If the person cannot attend the first time or doesn’t show up, wait another week and invite them again.

After all you are bringing your guests an exciting unique opportunity.  You are opening up doors for them that might explode in business or personal.  You have to believe in yourself and in what you do to transmit that message to your possible new friends!  Believe to Achieve!

This has happened to me many times over  the last few months, I have built many good relationships that hopefully will last a long time and will grow into serious business or personal relationships.

Until next week!

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