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These are the Key Ingredients for the Great Recipe of “NETWORKING” Chapter 3

April 10, 2017



These are the key ingredients for the great recipe of “NETWORKING”

What is the definition of Networking?    Socialize for professional or personal gain.   Getting together with new acquaintances to ultimately complete a transaction or solidify a relationship.  Connect for developing relationships into solid transactions or solid relationships.



Well today we will address two ingredients that go hand on hand.    Energy, Positivity and Honesty with yourself.

Do you think that all of this go together as a package, and you cannot have one without the other?

Well let’s say that actually all three of these feed off each other and work together as a team.   So lets suppose that you have a great network meeting and all of the sudden you have a great idea as you really want to impress and you decide to make your hair a different color, put blue contact lenses and platform heels.  You go in and who do you see?  Your best friend from college and after all she is a well known lawyer in the community.   You feel really like an idiot, especially when she comes right by you and doesn’t even recognize you.

Yes don’t be afraid to be your true self,  I am not saying to go to a network meeting in leggings and a baggy sweater.  Always, Always, Always look professional.  It is better to be a little overdressed than underdressed, always be ready as you never know who you will meet even if you go to the supermarket.

The other day I went to this networking event that took place in a walking footwear store.  On the invitation, it had a pair of gold sneakers and that they would have massage chairs, chocolates, wine and new exercises as that store also offers yoga and new exercise classes.  Guess what happens, I thought as the store was walking footwear, I dressed in nice exercise clothing, nice leggings and sneakers.  Everybody else came in tight black dresses, platform shoes, and fancy accessories.  I felt like 100 years old and completely stupid.  Everybody was really sexy and I was in exercise clothing.  So no matter the event, make sure you are dressed correctly for the occasion, if you don’t know, call up and ask what is the dress code.

But besides personal presentation, Your True self, is when you put all your soul and sincerity in what you do, who you meet, how you introduce yourself and how you listen attentively to the other person.  Let people look you in the eyes that convey a sincere message of welcome into your circle.

Energy and Positivity!  Well that is something that if we could bottle, I would make a lot of money by selling bottled Energy and Positivity.   Why do people have negative thoughts which immediately reflect in that person’s face?  Sometimes is anxiety, concerns, fears, they think about a situation and everything is gloomy.   All of the sudden they have negative thoughts, every word  they say is a negative sentence, complaints without stopping, gossip, no ideas, complete frustration.  Negativity expands and attracts more negativity.  The person gets more and more down and everybody around that person feels it coming to them like if it was a contagious disease, and Negativity becomes palpable and visible.  Energy gets neutralized and disappears when associated with Negativity.

But let’s think that instead you wake up, open your eyes, fill your head with positive thoughts, because every day is a new start.  You get up and you believe you feel good, you think within yourself and thank God that you are alive and you feel good, your energy kicks in.  You prepare yourself for a new day.  The sun is shining, you have a great breakfast, you kiss your partner and your kids, you tell them how nice they look, and that you love them, you listen to some great energetic music in the car, you arrive here and come in with a great smile, you look great, handsome or beautiful, and all of the sudden you are ready to conquer the world,  you are strong and confident,  you are your true self, positive and full of energy.

Can anything or anybody stop you now?  No of course not, you came to conquer and you will do it.  Today is your day!

Networking Tip-  Networking is the vehicle for developing relationships that ultimately will translate into transactions or successful relationships.

-So, knowing that, one of the most important things is  when you meet somebody in a network meeting to keep their information so you can contact them again.  Usually you hand your business card and you get one in return.  But then what do you do with the card you just received?

I have given that question to several of the people I have met in this huge network. Some put it in their car and eventually get thrown out or lost, some put them on their desk and eventually have a big pile they never look at, some just lose those cards and never remember where they are.  

In my first 212 meeting where I was invited by McKinley Tucker, he took the time to show me that it was very important to be organized with business cards as eventually those would become my inventory, he told me to immediately download Cam Card or CC on my smart phone which is an app totally free and scan the business cards and keep the information in memory.  Well I certainly did that immediately so I can refer to my cards whenever I need the info.  Besides I also keep every physical card, I put those in the special books for business cards (you will get the first one once you become a member of 212).  Now on my case I have about 30 of those books filled up by now and obviously, Andy will not be giving me books every time I need more.  In one year, I have accumulated around 2,000 business cards so Andy would go broke with me.


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