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Why I’m with New York Life

March 27, 2017

New York Life Via New York Life agent Linda Poole

As a financial professional, I understand that my ability to help you reach your goals rests on the trust you place in me—a trust that has to be earned. Because I’m with New York Life, you can rest assured that I conduct my business in a way that reflects the values and beliefs that have guided our company for more than 170 years. At New York Life:

We believe decisions should be made for your long-term benefit, not to meet the short-term demands of shareholders. We don’t mind going against the grain when it’s the right thing to do. Our investment portfolio is managed to avoid unnecessary risks, even if it means missing out on making a quick profit.

We believe in maintaining a strong surplus.

Growing and maintaining surplus reserves provides an additional source of capital beyond what is set aside to cover our obligations, and it’s not just to maintain ratings. It helps provide a cushion against any potential economic challenges, so we can continue to be there when you need us most.

We believe in reducing your risk, not adding to it.

Our ability to pay future claims also depends on the type of products that we sell, and the risks that they bring to our company. If we believe a product carries unreasonable risk, we simply won’t offer it.

We believe in telling you exactly what you’re signing up for, not setting unrealistic expectations just to make a sale.

Our illustrations show a realistic overview of how your policy would perform with both our guaranteed cash value projections and non-guaranteed growth based on our current scale, so you understand the product we are offering.

We believe that proper guidance from someone you trust never goes out of style.

We’re committed to providing the best-possible client experience. That’s why we’re making significant investments in technology and training. Having among the best-trained, most experienced agents in the business, and giving them the tools they need, ultimately benefits you, the client.

We believe a well-rounded business strategy is a smart business strategy.

From insurance to annuities and investments to capital funding, maintaining a diversified business model is a key to our strength, and a proven strategy that can bolster our success in good times and bad.

We believe that being good at what we do defines our character.

That’s why I’m proud to say, “I’m an agent with New York Life.”

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