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June 28, 2017

We all know and understand that the housing Market in many areas in Virginia is growing and appreciating.

Specially in Richmond, this growth is palpable and serious. The expansion in building houses, apartments and townhouses for sale or rental has created momentum
in the area’s economy. You only have to drive through the West End or Chesterfield and building is non stop.

Richmond was voted at the second largest market in the USA for millennials this year and in 2016 Richmond scored as the nation’s fourth-hottest housing market in 2016

in a study released by Zillow, a real estate and rental data firm.

At the same time many companies have moved into the area bringing additional employment opportunities and with the affordable housing costs against salaries, the housing

boom keeps going non stop.

Property Management is also exploding at the same time as many Millennials prefer to rent than buy their housing as they anticipate moving more often than their parents
did in previous decades due to living conditions, personal interests or desirable employment conditions.
Please contact me anytime you want unbiased opinions on real estate statistics and growth.

Richard Heintze
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