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Hometown Realty/ Chris Zaldivar

htprofilepicHey there! My name is Chris Zaldivar. While I’m originally from Silver Spring, Maryland, I was lucky enough to marry a native Richmonder, who introduced me to the unique and ever-so-charming Richmond and its surrounding areas. Hands down, moving to Richmond was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The Richmond community has been very welcoming and I like to give back to this great community as much as possible, whether it’s shopping locally or helping to maintain local mountain bike trails.  

I was born in Houston, TX and was raised there for about 4-5 years. I lived on a small farmland where my grandparents, Mama and Papa, had a garden, raised chickens, and a rooster. My parents moved to Maryland in early 90’s where they had more job opportunities at the time. Raised in Silver Spring my entire life and when I met my wife, Regina, who was from Richmond. We made a decision to move down to Richmond and bought a farm house in Ashland “Center of the Universe” with 3 acres, I felt like now I am at home where I belong. I was born and bred to be a farmer. Farming is just like Real Estate.

As a farmer you have to plant the seeds “As a Realtor, I enjoy meeting new people and inform them that I am a Realtor” Farmer now has to water the seed and nurture the plant to be healthy “As a Realtor, I keep in contact with the people I meet. I must build trust to all. It’s not easy to receive trust immediately, so I must nurture you by knowing you more. Learning your background and your family and you will know my background and my family. How can a farmer grow plants without nurturing or caring and how can a Realtor be trustworthy without care or being humble to a complete stranger? And finally a farmer must harvest, after all the droughts, insects, and bacteria that can cause plants to die the farmer was able to nurture throughout the season to feed his/her family and his livestock. And not just that the farmer is fulfilled by providing his harvest to their community.

For me, I harvest when someone decides to work with me and when they sell or buy a home from me. This fulfills me, it is very fulfilling when a new homeowner is need to buy a home because they are growing their family or because an older couple needs to downsize because they want to travel the states, go on fancy restaurants, and have quality time together. I make their dreams possible and watching them bloom to a delicious juicy red tomato is fulfilling. This is why I was born and bred for this.

I am not your traditional farmer as you may think, however I am a farmer. I plant seeds “I meet fun people and let them know I am a Realtor” I nurture, water, and patiently wait to harvest “I build trust and care for all people. I coach High School Lacrosse and maintain the mountain bike trails.” I harvest my plants “I built trust throughout the entire season and was able to help my clients and peers to move into their dreams and turn to the next chapter.” I AM A (FARMER) REALTOR.

Chris “BIG Z” Zaldivar, REALTOR®
Hometown Realty
C: 804.774.5683 |O: 804.249.2791
111 S Railroad Ave Ashland, VA 23005
“Licensed to sell real estate in the Commonwealth of Virginia”

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