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The Greater Southport Business Association

During the past 35 years the Southport Association has successfully represented the businesses in the Southport Office Park. Many requests have been submitted to the county on behalf of the Southport businesses…. including stop lights, turning lanes, median maintenance, signage, street lights, zoning and beautification, just to name a few. As our surrounding area has grown so has the need to represent the nearby businesses. Physically located between the old Cloverleaf Mall and the new and upcoming Watkins Center, Southport Association is the organization that has protected the interests of this business community. While attention, money and political time are often spent on newer more exciting areas, we believe it is extremely important to keep the county government focused on the needs of our area.

With the county’s attention moving to the West, Southport Association morphed into the Greater Southport Association in 2006. Its purpose continues to be to represent the many new and existing businesses in the area, to maintain the current level of quality businesses, to ensure that our voice is heard at the county level and to reduce the traffic congestion , and lastly to make certain that this business community stays vibrant, healthy and safe.

In The Beginning

Southport was founded in 1980. Through the years it has been home base to hundreds of businesses. Many continue to prosper in the park, some have moved to larger facilities in the county and some have closed their doors. Today, Southport is a vital part of Chesterfield’s economy. Ironically, the biggest challenge facing Southport is the congestion which is a result of the rapid growth in our area. Southport was conceived by George Sowers, Sr. and his three sons. They developed and marketed the park to prospective businesses and developers. During the early seventies, development in this area was primarily accessible from Midlothian Turnpike, then a quiet two lane road. Southport was originally billed as an industrial park. However, mirroring our economy in general, the park never attracted heavy industry and mostly attracted service-related businesses.



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