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September 13, 2018




GARKO MEDIA is providing a new idea to the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is called RBI Marketing (as opposed to ROI) and means  Return BEFORE Investment.

With GARKO MEDIA your website will be on the first page of Google before you pay for our services. This is a no risk, total win scenario for local businesses or national businesses located here in Virginia. Gary says, “the company’s proprietary and super effective methods have provided GARKO MEDIA clients with stable and spectacular results and facilitated us to offer something truly unique to the business community.

We are always looking for clients and also independent representatives to help us reach more businesses.” A few words about the owner of GARKO MEDIA LLC of Virginia – Gary Konigsberg. Not only is he a straight shooter and value oriented but he has been an activist against unfair business practices and corruption since 2006. Gary is also an ordained minister and a singer and a songwriter with over 150 songs written and recorded.

Gary Konigsberg

804 296 5303

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