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Friendship Circle of VA started 5 years ago with the intention of bringing Inclusion to the Disability Community in VA by creating in-home friendships between teenagers in the community and children with disabilities by meeting once a week in the home of a child with a disability. Today, we have created monthly programs and events that are open to the community, continue our Friends@Home program, and have involved more families and friends than we could have hoped for! We are thrilled to partner with all organizations locally to better serve the disability community and the greater Richmond community by building friendships that create an inclusive community.

The Friendship Circle of Virginia (FCVA) is a non profit organization that encourages companionship and social opportunities for children and individuals with disabilities by helping to create meaningful social experiences at home and throughout the community. This is accomplished by facilitating friendships and creating opportunities with teen friends and encourages understanding, acceptance, and true friendship within our communities. Creating these experiences will enable our youth to grow into leaders who appreciate the differences amongst us and embrace our similarities.



Dr. Sarah Kranz-Ciment, PT, DPT

Friendship Circle of VA
212 Gaskins Rd.
Richmond, VA 23238
(804) 740-2000 x4

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