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September 13, 2018

Does Garko Media Own Google?

Yes! Garko Media “OWNS” Google – but only in the street-wise sense that we have a fantastic and extremely impressive track record of taking Google down to the mat and getting Google to surrender to our standard and proprietary actions which are fully white hat and in compliance with the Google algorithm. Otherwise, as you know, Garko Media does not, in fact. own Google. Since we are not partners nor owners of Google corporation we can’t “guarantee” their actions. This is true of any search engine optimization company and so there is no such a thing as a guarantee of ranking that any search engine optimization company can claim. If you see any company making a guarantee of ranking then run… away from them. Even better run to us and we will be happy and honored to have your business.

Let’s consider another question in regards to a rumor that you may have heard.

Does Google Hate SEO Companies?

You may have heard that Google and other search engines hate search engine optimization companies.

Well in this author’s humble opinion, No! Google does not hate SEO’s, or at least search engine optimization performed by ethical SEO companies.

What Google is not so fond of is companies that try to put lipstick on a pig, trick Google as to the value of a website and its popularity and its link popularity and manipulate Google’s algorithm to rank a client’s website.

This is unethical SEO and is scorned by all search engines and they do have an honorable objective to make life difficult for bad actors trying to manipulate the search engine results, but in terms of hating an industry, there are many reasons why that perspective of Google’s intentions does not add up.

Search engine optimization, I would suggest, is one of the key reasons why search engines have become as effective as they currently are in refining their results. Even the manipulative SEO practitioners are a constant stress test for Google’s algorithm and, unintentionally, perform a function that makes Google and other search engines better.

Understand this about Google. They are oriented to be suppressive to websites ranking highly IF the websites don’t deserve to be ranking highly. How else can Google make users happy by providing the best answers to the visitor’s quest for whatever they are searching for if not by allowing only the best content to rise and pushing down the content that doesn’t deserve to rise?

Google has provided a wealth of tools, aimed at providing marketers and potential marketers with sufficoent information to promote their sites – whether it be guidelines, webmaster tools, API access or blogs. Surely such activity is a clear indication of support and not a case of trying to minimize the effect of would be search engine marketers.

If We Don’t Guarantee Rankings What Do We Guarantee?

  1. We guarantee that, aside from a monthly admin fee of $49.95 you will not pay us a dime until you and any searchers on Google can see your site is on Google page 1 for at least one of your chosen keyword phrases.
  2. We guarantee that the afore-mentioned admin fee will be refunded, upon request, if we have not gotten your site ranked on Google page 1 for at least 1 of your guaranteed keyword phrases within six months of beginning work on your behalf.
  3. We guarantee that we will begin working on your account and you will not have to pay us a dime for any or all of this work ever. You will only pay once we get you where you want to go which is where we have agreed to get you – Google page 1 for at least the first keyword phrase as per our agreement.

Our unique proposition to the business community is RBI Marketing which is a play on “ROI” and thus – Return BEFORE Investment.

Would you pay a taxi driver for driving you 1 mile when your trip was 5 miles? Would you pay the waiter for delivering your food before you eat it? Would you pay a search engine optimization for getting you from page 5 of Google to page 3? or for getting the work done which they claim will get you to Google page 1? You shouldn’t! And here is the value and benefit of letting us be your search engine optimization company. We will get you where you want to go before you pay and eliminate your risk! Let’s go!


All the best always,
Gary Konigsberg
804 296 5303

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