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June 21, 2017

Many hiring managers understand the importance of hiring bilingual employees. From retail and banking, to telecommunications and legal, executives from all fields recognize that hiring employees with bilingual skills serves to tap into new markets in the United States, and abroad. Businesses planning to enter Canada and Mexico, or expand overseas to Europe, Africa, or Asia, require not only top performers, but ones that have advanced foreign language skills.

In searching for bilingual employees, employers encounter a number of difficulties. Firstly, how can they discern if a candidate is truly bilingual? If they had a bilingual employee already, would that employee be able to objectively test their language ability in a precise manner? Secondly, what if a great candidate with advanced foreign language skills were unapprised of key technical vocabulary in the foreign language, such as in the fields of transportation or health? Lastly, if an employer were to decide to use the services of a staffing company for hiring, could they ensure that the candidates from the staffing company were truly bilingual? All of these issues are resolved when you call Moore Professional Staffing.

Moore Professional Staffing specializes in bilingual staffing. Our team has the best solutions for the recruiting, testing, and on-boarding of bilingual candidates. We guarantee that our candidates are able to use their foreign language skills on their first day of employment. We further help with the on-boarding process by teaching candidates field-specific vocabulary and intercultural communication skills that are regionally specific; such as when working with French-speaking clients in either Canada, or France.

Our clients have praised us for our ability to find the best bilingual candidates. After working with us to help them find bilingual talent, many decide to work with us for all of their staffing needs.

“Our company has depended on Moore Professional Staffing for dedicated foreign-language support. Over the years we have worked with at least a half-dozen staffing agencies in the Metro-Richmond area. I have found the people we have brought on from Moore Professional Staffing to be both professional and exceptionally prepared. Our success rate with transitioning temporary employees from MPS to full-time employees has been unparalleled by other staffing solutions. Michael and his team deliver on their promises and work tirelessly to provide their partners with solutions for their needs, no matter how vast.” -Patrick, Operations Manager-

When your company needs to hire bilingual employees, think about the company that specializes in bilingual staffing. Moore Professional Staffing. Moore Service. Moore Results.

About the Owner:

Michael Moore is a Richmond, VA native. He founded Moore Professional Staffing in 2015. He was a Teacher of French and Spanish for ten years. He holds a current Teaching License with endorsements in both French and Spanish. Michael graduated with the Master’s of Multilingual Studies: French and Spanish from Virginia Polytechnic and State University in 2016. He is also a graduate of The Richmond Chinese School. Michael has excelled in numerous courses on French for Business, and Spanish for Business. He has always had a passion for foreign languages. He is experienced with using French and Spanish with clients from all regions where they are spoken. He has worked as a multilingual interpreter for an International Call-Center, and as a Translator for the US Armed Forces Command. He is an active member of the Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce, where he serves on the Professional Development Committee.

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