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FEES AND MEMBERS CORE PARTNERS – At the first, core level of the Network Doctor’s community is our Founding Partners – these are people that will get the ball rolling in as we develop the community – these are the folks who will come in at ground level to help us reach across and around RVA’s business communities. These partners will invest $250.00 the first month and then start paying $30.00 per month, 30 days later after the first installment. These partners will have their Logo in our website and their story will be directly in our website, which will link then to their own website.

If the Core Partner pays completely the one year, the cost will decrease for one time payment to $550.00 and the 2 nd year will be 12 months X $30 per month until further notice. These partners are expected to meet every 45 days for 1 1/2 hours to discuss new ideas, progress, connections, contacts, new presentations and follow through. These partners will be invited to participate in all presentations, physical and virtual, list products in the ecommerce portion of the website and submit content for the hub, content will have to be approved before acceptance of use. These partners will be able to add their own contacts to Network Doctor’s data base. The more users, the more connections and business derived contacts and transactions are possible.

Once company grows, a certain percentage of shares will be reserved for a possible future distribution among the Core partners. When the Company is invited to do virtual or physical trade shows, if the Core Partners want to participate in the space or giving out brochures, the cost of the space, travelling and setting up will be divide proportionately between the Company and the Core Partners according to cost.

VALUED PARTNERS- Top level in affiliated Companies that are really interested in getting a stronger presence online as well as participate in some of the physical presentations, and business opportunities, These will be the companies that will be linked first and we will charge a deposit of $100 and starting 30 days later, a monthly fee of $25 for a link in each category including a description of the company in our site. If the company wants to pay the fee up front , it will be the first year $400.00. These partners will be invited to participate in all presentations, physical and virtual, list products in the eCommerce portion of the website and submit content for the hub, content will have to approved before acceptance of use and cost will be proportioned to the company’s cost.

VALUED MEMBERS- These will be all the people that will take advantage of the site, like for instance if they join the site, they will be considered valued members, they will have access to all discounts that are available, let’s say like Sam’s Club has a membership for one year for $20 is the person signs up this Job Seekers and Calendar users -These people will register for free as they need job assistance, they will have access to the calendar and job opportunities, once they want to view other areas, they will have to be in one of the above 3 categories.

ECOMMERCE- we will have a special section for E commerce focused in Artists with disabilities, followed by other people that will want to sell products, every item sold we will charge 25% commissions and we will take care of all the marketing plus the receipt of the
monies through PayPal . Vendors will be paid by PayPal and will be able to post their own pictures and descriptions. We will need good quality pictures and proper description of products. If sellers or artists are introduced to us by Non Profits, then the Non Profits will receive a share of the commission, Network Doctor 15%, Non Profit 10%. We will also run other fund raising initiatives for non profits.

ONLINE RESOURCE PARTNERS -We may also pursue online resource partners and build referral relationships with an income stream to Network Doctors. IE: Personal business cards for Job Seekers through VistaPrint, which will return up to 16% of the sale to Network Doctor or through that will pay a commission to Network Doctor for each member signed up.

Interested in becoming a Core Member?

One time payment of $550/ yr

Monthly payments of $50/mth.