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Integration of Communities through Education and Business

Value Proposition‐ After experiencing and evaluating the business scene in Richmond, and understanding the power of networking specifically in a market like Richmond, the Network Doctor platform was created. And will facilitate both a physical and virtual presence.

By getting involved in so many different network groups already active in the Richmond market, from st Chambers, Network groups ike Goldstar, BNI, 212, Synapse, Whimby, and others, we realized that most of these are valuable tools in meeting strategic partners
that will impact each other’s business and that close personal relationships can be developed from within. However we have identified key need in the Richmond Networking market for a way of bringing all of these opportunities together in one platform and enabling cross networking and advertising between the groups.Our focus will be on integrating the communities through organized physical events, a group calendar, Education on how to best utilize networking as well as Business development for members. Our value proposition is to tie all these network groups, businesses, non profits, special organizations under one roof. Successful networkers will have a group calendar to easily fill a hole in their day with new introductions at groups they may never have been to. New business owners can get plugged in by
starting in one place, being taught how to get the most out of networking right from the start, make great connections, as well as education on the different phases of starting a business, Job Seekers will have a platform to get educated in different areas and ability to promote themselves as well as finding opportunities for new jobs.At the same time we will develop a community, where everybody is welcome, no matter their race, religion, color, gender, profession, and that everybody will have the ability to connect with others for development of opportunities and be able to bring themselves to the next level and be a product part of this community.We will also develop relationships and vet specific non‐profits that are already making an impact in our local market, allowing them a platform to spread their message, raise funds, and grow their volunteer base.

eCommerce‐ We will have a special section for E commerce focused in Artists with disabilities, followed by other people that will want to sell products, every item sol we will charge 25% commissions and we will take care of all the marketing plus the receipt of the monies through PayPal and get the people paid just like Poshmarket or similar entity. People will be able to post their own pictures and descriptions. We will need good quality pictures and proper description of products. If sellers or artists are
introduced to us by Non Profits, then the Non Profits will receive a share of the commission, Network Doctor 15%, Non Profit 10%. We will also run other fund raising initiatives for non profits.
Get Connected! (that is our value proposition)


Board Advisors


Erika Carson

Erika Carson- Board Advisor 

Erika Carson is the Manager of Outreach Education at the Science Museum of Virginia, where she spends her days developing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) programming, engaging in fun workshops with adults and children, and working with undergraduate and graduate students mentoring them professionally and challenging them to help make learning about STEM fun again – for everyone! However, she didn’t start here!

Erika, was born and raised in New York. She received a Bs. In Engineering-Psychology (Ergonomics) from Tufts University, and spent several years as an HCI – Quality Assurance specialist, before moving on to become an educator with the New York Department of Education. She received a Ms. In Special Education from The City College of New York, while teaching in schools in Harlem and Brooklyn. She spent five years in with the NYC Dept. of Ed. Before deciding to explore her Virginia roots, moving to Charlottesville, VA to pursue an Education Specialist degree at the University of Virginia. It was here that she studied Instructional Technology and Instructional Design, pulling all of her past work and educational experiences together, through her research projects, workshops, webinars, and instructional technology and instructional design classes she developed and taught to students. It was her classes with her Dean at Tufts University and her program at UVA that inspired her to pursue work with the science museum.

When she’s not working, she loves traveling, indoor rock climbing rollerskating, hiking, time by the ocean, and generally taking advantage of the adventures life presents!


Erinn Berge – Online Marketing Director and Advisor

Erinn is a web development project manager and online marketer who earned a Bachelor of Technology from the State University of New York. Her passion for online business was ignited in 2009 by a Chamber of Commerce’s need for a skilled website manager. Since then, Erinn has managed and worked to deliver a plethora of clean-coded, beautiful responsive websites and has directed many online marketing strategies.

Erinn enjoys interfacing one-on-one with clients–working hard to realize a vision online as well as reach full value from strategic marketing plans.  She also actively pursues time horseback riding, swimming and enjoys life’s many pleasures with her husband and children.



Samuel Little – Advisor for Print and Marketing Presence and Identity

Samuel Little Graphic Design, Inc. was established before the Internet was popular. Now, Samuel Little Graphic Design, Inc. is much more than just a graphic design company. We’re a marketing company. Providing marketing concepts and strategies that work by using new ideas and technology. It’s a new way of thinking.

Samuel Little Graphic Design, Inc. is an active member of the Chesterfield County Chamber of Commerce and is embedded in the Chesterfield County business community specifically in Midlothian, Virginia with a diverse involvement with local officials, county staff and community organizations and associations.