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Transforming Lives. Strengthening our Community

Transforming lives. Strengthening our community.

Customized Solutions for Quality Care

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Senior Engagement
Studies estimate that the United States will need over one million additional healthcare professionals in order to adequately support our aging population. With this in mind, JFS is hosting a certification program for Personal Care Aides (PCA’s) who are interested in the credentialing and skills necessary to support aging in place. The Personal Care Aide School is innovative on several levels. JFS has an on site ADL Lab (Activities of Daily Living) where students will be trained on the technical aspects of operating in-home care equipment. JFS’s PCA School is also innovative in its integration of training modules on Dementia Related Disorders. Classes are being taught by a cadre of JFS professionals led by Lisa Davey, RN, MS who has over 30 years of experience in nursing, training and community education.
JFS recognizes that many direct care professionals may be facing financial limitations. Tuition may be a barrier to enrolling into a program, at costs typically exceeding $300. JFS will offer grants and scholarships for students who meet eligibility and service criteria.
JFS is proud to be an innovator in person-centered care for both clients and staff as we transform lives and strengthen our communities. For more information on the PCA School, please contact Brian Strauss at 804-282-5644 x 265 or
Working Through Life’s Challenges
JFS Counseling is actively involved in educating the greater Richmond community on mental health issues that impact us across the lifespan. On April 19th, Theresa Goff, LCSW, presented to the Chesterfield County Caregiver Conference on the topic of “Coping with Dementia and other Mental Health Disorders.”

Theresa has an extensive background in counseling, both in the community and within facilities. Her presentation defined what a caregiver is and the many tasks that are considered caregiving behaviors. She further outlined caregiving responsibilities and explored why it’s so important for caregivers to share the load and allow time to care for themselves. Of particular interest to the audience was Theresa’s expertise on communicating with individuals who have Alzheimer’s Related Dementia, as well as communicating with the physicians and family members in their support networks. In her presentations, Theresa stresses the need for self-care for caregivers and sharing responsibilities. More hands make for lighter lifting!

For more information on Alzheimer’s Disease and other Dementia Related Disorders, please visit For more information on aging services in Chesterfield County, please visit For clinical assistance, Theresa may be reached at 804-282-5644 x 239.

Making Families Possible
Adoption and Attachment

Attachment disorder occurs when an infant or young child does not have an opportunity to bond with a caregiver. Adults may consider attachment disorder to be a behavior problem, thinking that it is a choice and can be changed by learning new ways of behaving. However, attachment concerns are the result of insufficient brain development due to lack of nurturing. The healing of the brain takes time and a stable family environment. When children are provided with patience and love as their brain heals by their adoptive parents, they can develop the ability to attach.

Ways to help the process of attachment with your child:
• Be patient and give it time.
• Be firm but kind with directions and rules.
• Use more rewards than consequences (do not use isolation as a consequence).
• Teach the child to cuddle and hug.
• Swaddling (even older children like being snuggled in a blanket) is an option.
• Spend time playing, watching TV, walking, shopping or otherwise being active.
• Sing to and with your child.
• Encourage eye contact with the child (touch their cheek when talking to them so they look at you).
• Be reliable, consistent and stable.
• Learn about conflict resolution and anger management.
• Know that you cannot spoil this child. The more secure your child feels, the more independent he/she will become later. The more you respond, the fewer behaviors you will see designed only to gain your attention. Your interaction will become richer and deeper.
It is recommended that adoptive parents who have concerns regarding attachment seek professional help. JFS is available to assist! Call 804-282-5644 x 223 for more information.

Donations Needed
Throughout the year, JFS clients have need for various items. We find that personal toiletries (shampoo, soap, lotion, deodorant) are greatly appreciated. We understand that personal hygiene impacts individuals’ ability to be social, active and engaged in society. Individuals with limited funds may often do without these items.
Another item that is also greatly appreciated is a gift card. Gift cards in any amount to grocery stores ensure that our clients have access to resources that support their food security. In the City of Richmond alone, 14% of residents report food insecurity. The donation of a gift card will help ensure that JFS clients are not part of this statistic!

To schedule the delivery of a donation, please call JFS at 282-5644.

We transform the lives of individuals and families and strengthen our community by providing the best options in care, counseling and adoption.

May 18
Adoption Lunch & Learn
Noon – 1:00 pm
JFS Office

May 18
Culturally Competent Care for LGBT Elders Training
12:00 – 2:00 pm
Senior Connections

May 22
HomeCare Staff Appreciation
3:30 – 5:30
JFS Office

Link to more community events.

Jewish Family Services will be hosting its 168th Annual Meeting on Tuesday, June 20th from 5:30 pm until 7:30 pm at the Maymont Nature Center. Please join us as we honor outgoing Board Members and Trustees as well as the installation of new officers. Our guest speaker will be Rabbi Jack Moline, Executive Director of the Interfaith Alliance in Washington, DC.
Please RSVP to Jay White at as seating is limited.


Join us on Monday, June 5 at Jefferson Lakeside Country Club to support JFS, Weinstein JCC and Beth Sholom Life Care Community for the 20th Annual Jewish Community Golf Classic. Learn more on our website.

Sponsorship and volunteer opportunities are available. Contact Jay White at


Jessica Carty, MSW
JFS Adoption

I joined JFS in 2001 after working in therapeutic foster care. I had several friends who were adopted when I was growing up and the field of adoption always intrigued me. I was thrilled when I broke into the field and it was more exciting than I had imagined. Every day is different and presents new challenges and opportunities for professional and personal growth. The field is ever-changing and after 16 years I still learn something new about adoption and the people who’s lives it touches.

What I love most about JFS is the people I work with. The direct care staff and beyond are kind, supportive, flexible, helpful and fun to be around. I can’t imagine a better environment to work in.

Interested in learning more about JFS Adoption? Visit our website.


A Life & Legacy bequest is an easy way to ensure the future of JFS and create a lasting gift to the organization.

Are you a donor who is interested in creating your legacy plan through a bequest or planned gift? Please contact Jay White, to learn more.

With your help, we can raise operating funds to grow our programs and services, meeting the care needs of all who reach out to us.

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JFS Richmond is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation.

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