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These are the key ingredients for the great recipe of “NETWORKING”

April 24, 2017





These are the key ingredients for the great recipe of “NETWORKING”

What is the definition of Networking?    Socialize for professional or personal gain.   Getting together with new acquaintances to ultimately complete a transaction or solidify a relationship.  Connect for developing relationships into solid transactions or solid relationships.

7-CONNECT OVER ONE SPECIAL POINT. THINK HOW YOU CAN HELP FIRST (sometimes it might be a detail on somebody’s face or a special point in somebody’s story)

8-FOLLOW THROUGH BY GIVING (give referrals, contacts, don’t worry that the person you talk to will steal your contact, by forming more and more relationships, those relationships will come back to you 10-fold.

9-DEVELOP THE RELATIONSHIP. (invite the other person for coffee, or just a stroll in the park, you really don’t need to spend money to develop a relationship, just spend your time and the relationship will blossom)


Good morning lets address the last 4 key ingredients for successful networking.

CONNET OVER ONE SPECIAL POINT, THINK HOW YOU CAN HELP FIRST! Let me tell you how I formed a partnership this week, which if developed correctly can bring many fruits for everybody involved in Network Doctor. A few months ago, a friend introduced me to the CEO of the Asian Chamber which is also a woman, with his recommendation, I called her and told her what Network Doctor was about and that I had been referred by William Levitt which she has in high esteem.

She listened and I invited her to have a table at our event at the Regency Sq. that took place in January. She came, I told her that our goal and focus was to integrate communities in Richmond through Education and Business. She listened but she told me that was impossible with the Asian Communities, she has 34 of them represented in her Chamber, as they are very closed in within themselves and rather stay that way. I told her about my Vision and eventually for communities to grow they will have to develop more relationships. She could not agree. I told her that the days of closed networks were gone, technology had opened all doors and only open networks would survive, gave her the example of China.

I had not heard from her again but suddenly last week she sent an email asking to meet which we did a few days ago. After thinking carefully about my words for all these months that have passed since our event in January, she wants to partner with us putting events together to bring possibilities of integration with outside communities because she realized that her own members are extremely complacent because they have no competition at all within themselves, so they stay comfortable but not growing as they don’t bring in any outsiders. Realize that in business it is very important to keep your faithful clients so your customer service must be superior to everybody else’s but at the same time you need a steady influx of new contacts all the time that you can develop into clients so competition is healthy and that is what will drive your business forward. New Clients, innovative ideas, new opportunities.

On GIVING contacts and receiving contacts, this is a touchy subject because we are always apprehensive that if people get your contact, you probably lose your client, so we try to keep our contacts under lock and key. But realize something not every of your contacts will become your client no matter how hard you try and if you put a contact in front of another client, and that relationship flourishes, that client will remember how he got that transaction and will thank you over and over, eventually you will referrals over and over, it is like a snowball, if you put something in motion, eventually it will create momentum and that will come back to you 10-fold.

DEVELOP THE RELATIONSHIP – Well since a kid I was always impatient and wanted to do things quickly but obviously being in business since I am 24 years old as the years go by, I have learned that relationships need time to develop and flourish. I met my husband when I was 31 years old also through networking. I had a good friend that worked for a buying service in New York, I had told him I had some garments that I would like to produce in China as they had sold incredibly well. He told me he would make an appointment for a company in 7th Ave, which he did and he personally brought me there. That is how I met the person in charge of Sportswear production that would eventually become my husband. My friend told me the next day that the gentleman I had met liked me immediately. I thought he was married, after all, he was around 40 years old, but he was actually divorced for 6 years when we first met. Our relationship didn’t click right off the top especially because the garments that he produced for my company didn’t exactly come up to my expectations and I was not a happy camper but eventually 7 years later we got married.

So, when you feel you have a good relationship or you feel you can really push that relationship to become real, put effort into it and eventually it will develop into a successful one.


No, you don’t have to look like Kim Kardashian or Trudeau, you have to be yourself, you need to bring that little edge into your life and be unforgettable. It might be your hair, your accent, your eyes, your smile, your attitude, your presentation, something about you, will make you unforgettable.

I met a gentleman many months ago at a networking breakfast, I got his card and he is one of the directors of an electrical co-op. Really not my line of work but a few months ago when I was looking for raffle prizes I saw his card and called, immediately he remembered who I was, I went to meet with him and I asked him how did he take my call so many months later, he said I was UNFORGETTABLE! (that was one of best compliments I ever received)

So, remember every day you go into a network meeting or a mixer or an event, you never know who you will meet, so just be yourself, have a great attitude, a great smile, a great posture, be pleasant, and put your heart into your conversation, you will be UNFORGETTABLE!

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